Mulching film-POLYETHYLENE FILM - Europlast Mantzaris
Mulching film

EURO PLAST  company is producing mulching film since 2002, and the quality of this film has created for us a very high place on the Romanian market.

The main advantage of using this film is that the thickness is very small, 15microns, which leads to a very low cost per hectare.

The film surface area is 75 square meters per kilogram.

Other advantages of this film:

* increases the temperature in soil during the early stages of vegetation;

* reduce weed control costs;

* reduces water evaporation from the soil;

* increases early cultures with 4-10 days;

* is produced in widths from 70 cm to 120 cm, but we can produce untill 6 meters wide;

* has special additives that are increasing the elasticity and raise up the breaking point.

* produced from raw materials of highest quality;

* is produced in several colors, as follows: The gray, lilac or transparent film allow the verification of the irrigation system  and the black film provides a total control of pests and high humidity;