The group formed from MANTZARIS INTERNATIONAL and EURO PLAST has been formed in in the year 2002, with the main objective to produce polyethylene film for agricultural using. Representing a subsidiary of the EUROFILM MANTZARIS company from Greece, whose experience is based on, our company brings on the Romanian market many products with the best quality, due to the raw material used in production, and also due to our well instructed team.

In order to fullfil the market demands, our company offers a large range of film : mulching film, film for greenhouse covering, bags, sacks, and begining with the year 2004, we have brought on the Romanian market irrigations systems and accesories for agriculture.

In the year 2010, MANTZARIS INTERNATIONAL and EURO PLAST have merged with the EURODRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS company, and so, MANTZARIS INTERNATIONAL became the only dealer of the EURODRIP products on the Romanian market. 

Please be assured that our companies will continue to produce under the same flag, which i s QUALITY , responding to European demands and standards.